Spicy Wine

Red chilies are probably seldom used in wine, but the combination of spices makes this spicy wine stand out!

01. Water - one bottle + one cup for boiling (one bottle is equivalent to 750 ml)
02. Sugar - 450 g (The quantity may be reduced a little, if desired)
03. Cardamom - 8
04. Cloves - 8
05. Nutmeg - one half
06. Red chilies (dry) - 2 (medium sized, seeds removed)
07. Lemon - 3
08. Cinnamon - 4 or 5 small pieces
09. Ginger - one inch piece
10. Caramelized sugar - a little (can be taken from the 450 grams of sugar)


01. Mash together all the ingredients except the sugar, lemons and caramelized sugar.
02. Transfer these mashed ingredients into a vessel, add water and sugar and boil on a low flame for half an hour.
03. Next add the lemon juice and the caramelized sugar and boil for 5 minutes.
04. Remove from the flame and strain the mixture after it has cooled.
05. A little rum can be added for flavour.
06. This wine should be kept tightly closed at room temperature for around two to three weeks and then kept in the refrigerator.

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