Pesaha Appam/ Inri Appam and Pal

Easter is almost here and those who are on lent will be desperately counting the day. The Thursday before Easter is called as Maundy Thursday, this day commemorates the last supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles. 

In remembrance of this day on returning from church, we prepare the Pesaha or INRI appam and pal. The below given recipe of Appam and pal is from my mothers recipe book. 

Pesaha Appam 
  1. Rice Flour - 2 cups 
  2. Urad Dal - 1/2 cup (These soaked for 2 hours) 
  3. Grated Coconut - 1cup
  4. Salt - As reqd
  5. Shallot (Kunjuli) - 3 - 4 no's 
  6. Garlic - 2 or 3 
  1. Roasted rice powder - 1 cup 
  2. Sarkkara (jaggery) - 1cup 
  3. Cardamom - 4-5 
  4. Coconut milk - 2 to 3 cups 
  5. Cumin Seeds 
  6. Chukku 
Pesaha Appam 
  1. Grind the soaked rice and urad dal. 
  2. Grind coconut well with kunjully, garlic and add this to rice flour 
  3. Mix well with water to idli consistency and add salt 
  4. Keep only for 1/2 hour to ferment. 
  5. Grease preferably steel plates of medium round shape 
  6. Pour batter in one and make a a cross of palm leaf obtained on palm Sunday and place on it. 
  7. Steam well until cooked and done. 
  8. Make all other Appams in the similar way without the cross. 
  1. Melt jaggery and strain for any impurities 
  2. To this add cumin and Chukku 
  3. Now to this add the roasted rice powder and stir well 
  4. Add coconut milk to it and stir well to make sure there are no lumps formed. 
  5. Place it on fire in medium heat and stir continuously and the sauce thickens add some palm leaf pieces to it and powdered cardamom. 
  6. Take of the stove before it thickens too much. 
Serve hot!!

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