Pulliyela Chuttathu (Fish roast in Tamarind leaf paste)

I am not sure how many of you have heard about this particular recipe, this is a special recipe seen in Idukki district in Kerala, India. This is a tasty curry to be had with rice. It has a special green color, spicy and sour and a special taste. I am not saying it is an easy recipe but not a tough recipe, but my opinion is that each of you should try this special recipe.
Fresh Tender Tamarind Leaf - 4 cups
Grated coconut - 1 cup
Kanthari Mulaku - (A type of small sized chilly seen in this photograph) It is a common plant in most of the households in Kerala, India. If this is not available green chilly may also be used.
Ginger - 2 tbsp
Fresh or salted- 2 small cups (to be cut into small pieces.)
Salt to taste
Banana Leaft

Grind well tamarind leaf, coconut, chilly or kanthari mulak, and ginger in a grinder without adding water to a smooth paste and mix this paste with the fish pieces and salt(if dry fish is used salt is not required) using hand or using a spoon and keep aside. Now heat a flat pan and place the banana leaf onto it now put the mixture on top of this banana leaf and flatten using hand and cover this with another piece of banana leaf. Simmer the gas burner and keep this for about 3 minutes and then turn it to the other side so that the other side is also cooked and baked well and keep for another 3 minutes again covered with banana leaf. Now remove from flame and is ready to be used.

Truly saying this recipe is worth trying and tasty.

NB: Dry fish is much tastier than fresh fish to be used with this.

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