Karimeen Mango curry


Karimeen:(Pearl Spot): 4-5 big cut into half 
Coconut Milk from 1  and half coconut (separate the first, second and third milk) 
Shallots: 3-4 sliced
Turmeric Powder: 1/2 tbsp
Chilly Powder: 1 tbsp
Green Chilly: 3-4 (splitted) 
Ginger chopped 50 gms
Curry leaf: 1 sprig
Green Raw Mango: 2 (sliced) 
Oil: 2 tbsp
Salt as required


Take a cooking pot ( to get a good taste cook in a sand pot or meen chatti) add the oil when hot add the shallots and the ginger and saute until the shallots are golden brown. Now reduce the flame and add the turmeric powder, chilly powder and saute until the you could get the fried smell but make sure not to burn. Now add the second and third coconut milk and to it add the mango and the salt. When it starts boiling add the fish pieces and the curry leaves, cook keeping the lid open for about 5 minutes. Before removing from flame add the first milk, remove from flame as soon as the first milk has been added. 

NB: If you do not get the mangoes you can instead use the Kudampulli or Gambooge. 

You must be wondering why I have not added the garlic and the mustard seeds to it, I did not add them because my mother always says fish, meat and vegetables are different in taste and should not be cooked with the same ingredients. So she never uses mustard seeds in any non veg and no garlic with fish curry. So I follow the same. 

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