Grape Wine

Grape wine is no doubt the most common home-made wine. It should be made well in advance so that it is ready for use during the Christmas season.


01. Purple grapes - 1 kg
02. Sugar - 2 kg
03. Egg white - 1
04. Yeast - 1½ tsp
05. Wheat - ¼ kg
06. Water (boiled and cooled) - 6 bottles (one bottle = 750 ml)

01. Squeeze and mash the grapes well.
02. Add all the other ingredients to it and store it in a ceramic jar (bharani).
03. For twenty one days, open the jar daily and stir it once with a ladle.
04. On the twenty first day, sieve the wine and pour it into bottles.
05. One or two days later, once again pour the entire wine into a basin.
06. Then transfer it into clean glass bottles.
07. If the wine needs more colour, add caramelized sugar to it

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