Pine Apple Skin Wine

Getting ready to throw away those pineapple peels? Wait…here's how to make some delicious wine from it, with very little effort. Surprised? Read on...
01. Pineapple peels - from one medium-sized pineapple
02. Sugar - 1 ¾ cup
03. Cold water - 1 ½ cups
04. Egg white (beaten) - 1
05. Dried ginger - 1 tbsp
06. Cloves - 6
07. Cinnamon - a little
08. Yeast - ½ tsp

01. Place all the ingredients inside a big ceramic jar, known as a bharani, tie the mouth of the jar securely with cloth and close the lid tightly. Keep it aside for ten days.
02. Then strain it through a clean muslin cloth and pour it into glass bottles.
03. It will be ready for use after twentyone days.

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