Honey Wine

Honey and spices combined to make a wine that will have a soothing effect to alleviate stress.

01. Honey - 5 kg
02. Water - 15 l
03. Cloves - 5
04. Cinnamon - 3" piece
05. Yeast - 3 tbsp


01. Mix the honey and water and boil it well on the flame for ten minutes.
02. Tie the cloves and the cinnamon in a muslin cloth and lower it into this mixture.
03. Boil on a low flame for half an hour.

04. Discard the froth that appears on the surface and remove the mixture from the fire. Squeeze and remove the cloves and cinnamon cloth bag and leave the mixture aside to cool.

05. From this, take half a cup of honey, add the yeast to it, and add this to the other ingredients.
06. Now pour this wine into the ceramic jar and close and tie the mouth of the jar securely.
07. After twenty one days, sieve the wine and pour it into bottles.
08. Use the wine only after two months.

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